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A generation ago someone running a private company had a fairly simple set of options when it was time to retire. Have the child(ren) take it over and collect retirement pay or sell it and live off the interest. Now things are more complex and the demographic wave adds another challenge. Here are eleven reasons why anyone contemplating the sale of a business in the next several years needs to start getting ready now.

Boomers are a crowd whatever they do, in this case lots of business owners …

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Stable Change

Boredom never seems to be a problem for business owners. If anything, the list of ideas, opportunities, competitors, technology, and challenges is never the same one day to the next. Change is constant, sometimes vexing. How do you most effectively harness that momentum to accelerate your business instead of being tossed about like a sparrow in a hurricane?
Let’s look at four places along the path between you and your customer.

Foundation – core values, mission, and offerings of your company
Operations – activities and systems used to …

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Keeping track of your company’s performance usually means regular review of your financial statements. With a little extra effort there are some other measures you can use that give you a better perspective on performance and let you see and act further into the future.
Reporting vs. Managing
Financial statements show the past; the format is useful for reporting, not managing. Even with real time accounting, the data you are getting show what has already happened; there is no real indication of what is about to happen. Looking at …

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Scoring Real Points With Exec Coaching
Gary M. Stern Fri Jul 11, 5:57 PM ET
Ten years ago, if a senior manager was assigned an executive coach, it was like being called into the principal’s office. At that time, most managers who needed coaching were typed as difficult or problematic.
Now organizations are finding that executive coaches can help boost a company’s revenue by developing new business strategies.
Executive coaches help people see their blind spots in order to improve their business verve. Just as golfers can’t see their own swing, then hire …

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Case History
We worked with a company through all these value components and guided them to very specific actions to implement. Building on their existing strengths and operations they could leverage their existing momentum while staying true to the founders’ initial vision, intent, and approach. It took a year of focused attention. During that year the management team was more effective even though the company doubled in size, and the financial rewards were even greater. On their own the company doubled in size the following year and maintained strong customer, revenue, …