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[Editor's note: This article was first published by GAMA International, an association that works to develop the leadership talent in the financial services industry.]
Are we in a recession? Will we be soon? How long will it last? How deep will it be? The economists will debate these questions and conclude when it was – long after the damage is done. The more useful question is what should I do differently in my business during a time of economic uncertainty?
A recession or any type of …

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Due to some long term medical concerns I won’t be posting anything for a while.  Check back in March of 2009.  Thanks for your interest.

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Accelerate When Everyone Else Is Slowing

Like a marathon runner who sprints to a lead when going up a tough hill, companies that make aggressive moves when others are playing it safe gain a sizable advantage and then continue to build on it even more during easier times.
A recent study by Bain & Company found that twice as many companies made the leap from laggards to leaders during the last recession as during surrounding periods of economic calm. In fact, nearly a quarter of all companies with the highest or lowest industry rankings moved completely …

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“Hire slow; fire fast…one bad apple…when you discover cancer…” You’ve heard all the sound bites for dealing with poor performers. Now it’s time to lead by example and take action. Here’s a quick road map for managing the process.
First, make certain of your facts before addressing the employee. Provide specific examples where your expectations were unmet. Listen to the explanations that are sure to come but remain firm as to the requirements of the job.
Second, ensure that the employee was properly trained to accomplish the job objectives. If not, you’ll …

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“Okay team, let’s get this sales meeting underway. The CEO said we need to sell a thousand widgets this year. Since there are seven of you. . .let’s see, divide by seven, round up. . . your quota is 150 each, so that’s three per week. Any questions? Now go out there and sell. And try and help each other out, too. I’ll be in my office if you need me.”
Mistake #1: this is not a team. A true team comprises complementary …