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People Learn Better When They Also Teach
People who are expected to teach what they’re learning pay more attention and learn more than others without that expectation. When you’re training employees let them know that they will be training their colleagues. Everyone will get more benefits from the education. Instilling the idea that everyone in your company learns and teaches is a powerful culture driver.
Some Points That Make Feedback More Effective
1. Focus on business outcomes, not personalities
2. Address specific behaviours and use examples
3. Discuss the impact …

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Don’t Wait To Benefit From Your Succession Plan

So you finally got over the emotional hurdles and are now really ready to do a succession plan. Almost by definition this is a once-in-a-lifetime event and, as such, you have no experience doing one. There are a few things to keep in mind as you’re creating your succession plan that will help ensure that it is effective and productive.
First, a succession plan is a natural extension of good business principles. If you look past the family and emotional issues, this is exactly what you would do …

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Divide And Conquer

In a small entrepreneurial company, everyone pitches in to do some of everything. With a small staff and limited resources it’s a necessity for young companies. As the level of activity increases you add more employees. Ultimately though you arrive at a point of diminishing returns.
With too many people doing the same tasks there is no consistency. With such a diffusion of responsibility there is no single source of the latest information and no real accountability. When everyone is accountable, no one is …