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“Okay team, let’s get this sales meeting underway. The CEO said we need to sell a thousand widgets this year. Since there are seven of you. . .let’s see, divide by seven, round up. . . your quota is 150 each, so that’s three per week. Any questions? Now go out there and sell. And try and help each other out, too. I’ll be in my office if you need me.”
Mistake #1: this is not a team. A true team comprises complementary …

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A generation ago someone running a private company had a fairly simple set of options when it was time to retire. Have the child(ren) take it over and collect retirement pay or sell it and live off the interest. Now things are more complex and the demographic wave adds another challenge. Here are eleven reasons why anyone contemplating the sale of a business in the next several years needs to start getting ready now.

Boomers are a crowd whatever they do, in this case lots of business owners …

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Stable Change

Boredom never seems to be a problem for business owners. If anything, the list of ideas, opportunities, competitors, technology, and challenges is never the same one day to the next. Change is constant, sometimes vexing. How do you most effectively harness that momentum to accelerate your business instead of being tossed about like a sparrow in a hurricane?
Let’s look at four places along the path between you and your customer.

Foundation – core values, mission, and offerings of your company
Operations – activities and systems used to …